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Ultimate Air has successfully executed over 9,000 missions without a single incident. Operating with a spotless safety record, we have been flying a fleet of aircraft in Central Asia and Africa for more than seven years.

Worldwide operations include:

  • Guinea: Helicopter leasing
  • Somaliland: Newly established scheduled service offering flights between Hargeisa, Burao, Erigavo, Garowe. Aircrafts are also available for VIP Charters.
  • South Africa: Helicopter leasing and charter
  • South Sudan: leasing of Aircrafts


Fixed Wing:

  • Beechcraft B1900D: 18 passenger capacity
  • King Air B200: 9 passenger capacity

Rotary Wing:

  • R44: 4 passenger capacity
  • AS350B2: 5 passenger capacity
  • AS350B3: 5 passenger capacity
  • Eurocopter 355: Twin turbine helicopter with 5 passenger capacity
  • Super Puma: Twin turbine helicopter with 19 passenger capacity


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